IP video phone is a smart choice for desk telephone that provides high quality audio and video calling experience. You can setup a free IP PBX software on a PC or server environment, and connect your IP video phones by creating extensions. A popular IP PBX software named Elastix which you can install easily by following our guide. Click here to setup your free IP PBX.

If you already installed Elastix, it’s time to integrate video feature in your system. Follow the guide below to enable video for your IP phone.

1) Login to Elastix

2) Go to PBX > Tools > Asterisk File Editor, and click show filter

3) Type sip_general_custom in the filter field and find the configuration file

4) Click on “sip_general_custom.conf” file

5) Paste the following script to the end of the first line, and save the file


6) Reload Asterisk

7) Go to PBX > Configuration > Extension, and select a video phone extension

8) Write “h263&h264” in the allow field on “Device Options” section, click Submit

Go to all other video phone extensions and add “h263&h264” to allow field, then submit


9) Save the configuration


10) Restart Elastix and you are done


Enjoy video calling on your VOIP telephony !