Sometimes Google’s Gmail spam filter caught our important/necessary email to Spam folder, and we can’t see it in Inbox.

We can create a filter to solve this issue. You must login to your Gmail via a web browser to complete this task. If your Gmail view settings is set to Basic HTML Mode please switch to standard view mode.

gmail basic html view mode


If you are already using standard view mode then it’s okay, please proceed to the steps:

1) Go to settings

gmail settings button


2) Click filters

gmail filters settings


3) Create a new filter

create a gmail filter


4) Write is:spam in the “Has the words” field, and click create filter

gmail filter rule


5) Confirm the filter creation

confirm gmail filter creation

if anymore confirmation appear just click Ok

gmail filter more confirmation


6) Apply the tick-mark on “Never send it to Spam” and click Create filter

gmail spamm bypass


7) And you’re done !

gmail spam bypass filter


Go to your Inbox, and enjoy !