Readers, today we will configure 3G Modem in MikroTik router.

mikrotik modem

Firstly, setup your mobile network APN on LTE profile.

mikrotik modem apn setup

We need to create a PPP-Client interface.

mikrotik ppp client

Go to “Advanced Mode” for PPP Client configuration.

mikrotik ppp advanced mode

Now, config your modem.

mikrotik 3g modem configuration

Set modem routes distance to 3rd priority. Because we may already have two ISP for redundancy internet connection. If the two ISP internet failed, then our 3G modem will backup the internet connectivity by sitting in 3rd priority.

Set distance to 3

mikrotik modem routes distance

Doing well…

Restart the MikroTik and enjoy 3G/4G connectivity.